Paying homage to an element that is right at the heart of the club, Hummel unveil the Everton 22/23 home shirt. Arriving in traditional blue, the design features a heat embossed tower pattern repeated across the whole jersey, inspired by the iconic Prince Rupert’s Tower.

Few things represent a club as much as the crest. It’s a sacred element that is always close to the fans’ hearts – quite literally when they’re wearing the shirt. You only have to look at the upset caused when the club tried to change the crest back  in 2013 to know how passionate Everton fans are about it. And so it seems like a decent place for technical partners Hummel to look for inspiration when designing the new home shirt for 22/23.

A central element of Everton’s club crest is the iconic Prince Rupert’s Tower, also known as the 'Everton Tower’, and it has been inextricably linked with the Everton area since its construction in 1787. And it is this that hummel pay homage to with the new home shirt, by incorporating a heat embossed tower pattern, which is repeated across the whole jersey, contrasting against flashes of white across each side and on the round collar. For the first time, the traditional four hummel chevrons down the arms are pared back to two, allowing the striking contrast between the embroidered pattern and white side and neck detail to take centre stage. The back-of-neck is signed-off with famous Prince Rupert’s tower motif, which forms a strong part of Everton’s brand. 

Richard Kenyon, Director of Communications, Revenue and International Growth, said: “I’m sure Evertonians everywhere will appreciate this year’s home kit, which merges traditional elements of our brand with a modern styling.

“We've used our updated tower icon more extensively across the club over the last few months so it’s great to see it form part of the pattern within our latest home kit.

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The Everton 22/23 home shirt is available for purchase now on the club's online store.