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Nike Launch Corinthians 2022/23 Home Shirt

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of what was a very special year for the club, Nike launch the Corinthians 22/23 home shirt, which the Brazilian side debuted in the 2-0 Libertadores win over Boca Juniors.

2012 saw Corinthians enjoy one of the greatest campaigns in the club’s recent history, with the Brazilian side scooping both the Copa Libertadores and the Club World Cup in what is now dubbed the “Golden Year”. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of that year and its achievements, Nike have launched the club’s new home shirt for 2022/23, which adds golden details to the traditional white and black look.

The shirt offers a first look at the new Nike authentic 22/23 Vaporknit template, which features a new knit pattern and the Dri-Fit Adv logo on the back rather than on the front. It arrives in a clean white base with the black details on collar and cuffs, and it’s there and on the club crest that the golden embellishment is added for a nice finishing flourish. The inscription “The Favela is Here”, immortalised in the phrase of the scarf lifted by Tite in the conquest of the World Cup, in Yokohama, appears on the back of the shirt, at the nape of the neck. Still on the back, inside the numbers, is written the phrase “Against everything and against all” – theme of the 2012 Libertadores conquest – with the same font used during the golden year. The numbering gets a texture inspired by the 2012 shirt with a gold border, matching the sleeve and collar.

corinthians 12-min.jpg

Fiel’s passion for Corinthians is unique, and in 2012 the feeling between the fans and the team transcended stands and even borders – just remember our ‘invasion’ in Japan,” explained Duilio Monteiro Alves, president of Corinthians. “Ralf's goal in stoppage time in the first round of Libertadores and Sheik putting Pacaembu down in the last match are images engraved in the memory and hearts of our fans. The 2022 collection immortalises a trajectory that has a special place in the affection of each Corinthians fan, and I am sure that the home shirt will become a piece that will be used for many, many years. 

As always, the on-pitch version takes on a different visage, littered as it is with sponsors, transforming that clean look into a tapestry of advertisements. In a what is either a coincidence or a nice touch of marketing strategy, the shirt was debuted in last night’s Libertadores match against Boca Juniors, the team that Corinthians beat in the two-legged final back in 2012.

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