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Corinthians Launch Nike 2019/20 Home Shirt Inspired By El Fenomeno

In celebration of El Fenomeno, Nike and Corinthians have launched the club’s 2019/20 home shirt, which honours the legacy of Ronaldo and the successful spell he had at the Brazilian club. And the homage doesn’t just stop at the shirt, with a new multi-sport court, named Arena Ronaldo, opening in the northern sector of the Corinthians Arena.

On March 4, 2009, Ronaldo made his debut for Corinthians, ushering in a new era in the club's history. El Fenomeno returned to Brazil with many people questioning whether he was still capable of competing at the top level. That year, R9 helped Timao win a Paulista Championship and a Copa do Brazil, while at the same time showing the world what he was still about, creating yet another chapter in his stunning legacy. And it’s a chapter that Corinthians certainly haven’t forgotten.


Featuring a ‘V’ collar, the shirt is predominantly white with nine thin black vertical stripes, a nice, subtle reference to R9. In the inside of the collar there’s also a number ‘9’ above the Corinthians logo. On the back, the font used in the number is a reference to the shirt worn in 2009, and it’s accompanied by Ronaldo's signature.


As for the 'Arena Ronaldo', it's been designed as part of a larger plan, with the aim of creating a sports centre in the East Zone of the Paulista Capital, serving to connect all lovers of the sport in the region in an authentic and natural way. As part of the project, Nike, in partnership with Corinthians, has built the multi-sport court in official futsal and basketball dimensions, and it will be open during Arena Corinthians' opening hours.


"I am very happy to inaugurate another democratic space for the practice of sports in São Paulo,” Ronaldo said. “I remember my childhood and the difficulties I had in finding a suitable place to play. It will certainly be very well enjoyed by all. And also to launch the new Corinthians shirt, which refers to the first uniform I wore and with which I was champion right away, really is a reason for great satisfaction. It seems like it was yesterday, but it's been ten years since I finally joined the bunch of crazy people.


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Daniel Jones

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