Ahead of the Arab Cup 2021, Umbro have provided Iraq with an absolute gem of a design for the nation’s 21/22 third shirt, which sees a black base accentuated by an allover graphic and gold details.

The FIFA Arab Cup 2021 will take place from 30 November to 18 December, and it will be the 10th edition of the tournament, set to be hosted in Qatar and acting as a precursor to the upcoming World Cup next year. Well now we know who one of the best dressed teams will be, thanks to Umbro dropping the new Iraq third shirt, which is easily one of the best international shirt designs we’ve seen this season.

iraq 2-min.jpg
iraq 5-min.jpg

Umbro took on the Iraq contract back in 2020, and this new third shirt picks up where the bespoke home and away designs left off, with the same graphic dominating the body, although it’s far more prominent in the black of the third design. That graphic is inspired by ancient Mesopotamian symbols that have represented this culture for many thousands of years. Mesopotamia is a historical region situated within the Tigris–Euphrates river system and is the world’s oldest recorded civilisation. Enough of the history though, just accept that it looks lovely as the base of this shirt.

Again, the same Double Diamond band appears on the cuffs of the sleeves of the third shirt, and the whole design is finished off by the gold of the branding and the nations crest, as well as a special sign off on the base of the neck. Classy.

iraq 6-min.jpg
iraq 7-min.jpg

Pick up the Iraq 21/22 third shirt at umbro.co.uk