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PUMA & Czech Republic Present New 21/22 Away Kit

Rounding off the brand’s Federation drops for the day, PUMA launch the Czech Republic 21/22 away kit, which, like those that have come before, once again sees a radical redesign that places the country name, FACR emblem and branding front and centre.

We’ve already had new kits for Italy, Austria (let’s put another shrimp on the barbie!), and Switzerland today, and they’re joined by the Czech Republic’s new kit for the road, which again follows suit with those that have come before, arriving under PUMA’s “Only See Great” campaign. Under that, the new federation kits have arrived in a templated format with individual embellishments, although, in honesty, the Czech Republic seem to have lucked out somewhat, with what is a fairly bland design.

czech 1-min.jpg
czech 2-min.jpg

The new Czech Republic away kit features the country name as the central element of the design, complemented by red and blue accents and a centrally positioned FACR federation emblem. Looks familiar? Then you must’ve seen the Switzerland kit already. Other than the blue accents, they are almost carbon copies. It’s a shame, because the radical centralised switch up is something new and exciting, but it feels somewhat diluted when presented on what is essentially the same canvas as the three that have come before.

Our new federation kits reimagine traditional kit design,” said Heiko Desens, Global Director Creative and Innovation. “Our aim was to create groundbreaking designs that bring newness and energy. Each kit celebrates national pride, inspiring our teams to achieve greatness at this summer’s major championships. We want to continue to push the boundaries, and this is just the beginning of an exciting new direction for PUMA.

So close, and yet so far. Try ditching the templates as a start next time, yeah?

czech 4-min.jpg

The Czech Republic 21/22 away kit is available on

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