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Blood UTD Create FIFA 21 Australia Volta Kit

When EA Sports come asking for a fresh design for their FIFA 21 Volta mode, you listen. And creative designers Blood UTD were given that very task, with their home nation of Australia being the focus.

So what represents Australia more than anything else? To the rest of the world it’d instantly be boomerangs, kangaroos, koala bears, the Sydney Opera House, sticking another shrimp on the barbie… the list of clichéd tourist traps is endless. But if you’re from Oz, then there’s one thing that instantly brings the land Down Under to mind: the good old Milk Bar, a once-ubiquitous staple of Australian life that is one part corner store, one part candy shop and sometimes a deli or news agent or neighbourhood social club. 

milk 7-min.jpg
milk 6-min.jpg

And so when Blood UTD were asked by EA Sports to create a special kit for FIFA 21’s Volta mode that represented Australia, it was the classic Aussie milk bar that served as inspiration. The design boasts the classic golden yellow that’s commonly associated with both Socceroo and Matildas kits, but that base is then jacked up with classic milk bar graphics.

The shirts, created in reality, were modelled by elite FIFA players (and coincidently flatmates) Marcus Gomes and Mouad Zwed. Marcus and Mo play in the e-league for Melbourne City FC and Melbourne Victory respectively. Blood UTD was founded on the belief that some ideas are so powerful they can unite you like blood, creating a deeper emotional connection through work that is culturally relevant. Think they nailed it.

milk 2-min.jpg
milk 3-min.jpg
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FIFA 21 is available to buy now on all platforms. 

Daniel Jones

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