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Venice Beach FC x EA Sports Unveil FIFA 21 Mural Of Local Legends

Celebrating their inclusion in the game for the second year in a row, Venice Beach FC in collaboration with EA Sports, have unveiled a huge FIFA 21 mural of the kings and queens of the Estadio de Dogtown, overlooking the world famous Venice courts.

All walks of life from every clique of society come together on Sundays to hold court at the Estadio De Dogtown. That’s where Venice Beach FC call home. And it’s over looking these world famous courts that the new mural has taken pride of place, celebrating the club’s appearance in FIFA once more, with some of their apparel and stadium branding being added as a new feature to this year’s title. On the day of the reveal of the mural, the club brought together all the featured personalities to gather and soak up the artwork through celebration and pickup on the courts which it overlooks. 

vbfc 1-min.jpg

The mural was designed by Neil Jamieson (@the_sporting_press) and painted by artist Sergio Ramirez (@bartolallc). The painting process took over 10 days to complete, and by Friday 9 October it was ready to unveil to the VBFC players and community that it celebrates. 

The collage of players features Kylian Mbappé front and centre in the famous VBFC 'Mbappé' exclusive kit designed by VBFC top baller Ryan Arambula. Surrounding the French world champion are the top local talent, who’ve all made huge impacts within the club and neighbourhood. The image itself captures the day Mbappé graced the hallowed Estadio court, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of two Venice youth players; Gera Seo-Flores and Cody Davis. The slogan “Win as One” – a message echoed by FIFA21 – fits right in with the VBFC ethos. 

vbfc 4-min.jpg
vbfc 2-min.jpg
vbfc 18-min.jpg
vbfc 17-min.jpg
vbfc 16-min.jpg
vbfc 15-min.jpg
vbfc 3-min.jpg
vbfc 14-min.jpg
vbfc 11-min.jpg
vbfc 13-min.jpg
vbfc 12-min.jpg
vbfc 5-min.jpg
vbfc 9-min.jpg
vbfc 7-min.jpg
vbfc 6-min.jpg
vbfc 20-min.jpg
vbfc 19-min.jpg
vbfc 10-min.jpg
vbfc 8-min.jpg
vbfc 21-min.jpg

FIFA 21 is out now on all platforms.

Daniel Jones

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