Ready for the Euros this summer, Adidas launch the Spain 2021 away shirt, which boasts a design that centres on an eye-catching hand-painted graphic, inspired by the expressive and creative nature of the Spanish National Team.

Let’s face it: if the Euros were judged by the kit designs, then Germany would’ve already won it with their sublime away shirt. But thankfully they’re not, so all other teams can relax a little, safe in the knowledge that their kits mean little in the face of the coming tournament. That being said, Spain have been given a tidy little number as their away look, with adidas taking an artistic approach to the representation of the national team.

spain 5-min.jpg
spain 3-min.jpg

The shirt features a sublimated design through the body, and this is meant to represent the “expressive and creative nature” of the team’s play. Fair enough. The shirt design is then further complemented by smart details that nod to the team’s identity and heritage including the Spanish flag colours integrated onto the sleeves, as well as detailing on the neck in honour of the 100th anniversary of the first usage of a lion on Spain’s jersey in 1920.

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