A clean canvas for Spain to carve out some serious shapes, adidas have unveiled the Spanish National Team's home shirt for the 2018 World Cup and it is a gem.

The Spanish national side has always championed a strong look on the pitch and with the 2018 World Cup approaching, their look just got upgraded to the next level. Reinventing a retro look inspired by 1994, the new jersey features a powerful pattern play with strong shapes washed in contemporary design.

spain World Cup Shirt 2018 adidas SoccerBible_0000_DC_Soccerbible_ADIDAS_Madrid_Shot03_6433.jpg
spain World Cup Shirt 2018 adidas SoccerBible_0001_Background.jpg

The 2018 home jersey is a visual homage to one of the country’s most famous shirts; the jersey worn at the 1994 World Cup in the USA. It features a dynamic line graphic design consisting of diamonds in red, yellow and blue. The diamonds represent the speed, energy and style of football that’s become so associated with the national team.

spain World Cup Shirt 2018 adidas SoccerBible_0006_DC_Soccerbible_ADIDAS_Madrid_Shot01_228.jpg

Bringing out a nation's character is no easy task, but this jersey lands with plenty of identity. Another gem with diamonds making up the detail. There's a lot of like.

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