The latest special edition drip from AIK was revealed at the end of last week, and now on the day it becomes available to buy, we take a closer look at the limited ‘CXXX Edition’ and corresponding collection.

With only 130 of the AIK ‘CXXX Edition’ preseason shirts being available to buy, we don’t expect them to hang around for long, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t warrant a closer look, with that combination of gold on black once again marking the Swedish side out as one of the most stylish in world football.

aik 2-min.jpg

The club has embraced and pushed forward a football shirt movement that has grabbed the attention of the world game. They continue to produce some of the most in demand and most desirable kits of recent seasons, typified by the monochrome masterpieces that were the seductively stealthy Black Edition and the simply sublime White Edition, which both sold out in a matter of minutes – something we expect to be replicated once again with the CXXX Edition.

The CXXX Edition combines the best of both of those releases, taking the gold details of the White Edition and placing them on a black base. The design sees seven golden stripes over the chest, leading to the big golden emblem in the middle of the jersey – a tribute to the 130 year anniversary of the original club brand from 1891. Details such as oars, fencing swords, rifles, bikes, skis and fishing rods are balanced against Nike’s swoosh and the text “1891”, which is also in gold and rests above the emblem. 

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The shirt is then complemented by a similarly styled and coloured apparel collection, which is comprised of training jackets and tees, with that same golden trim on a black base.

All in all it's yet another case of AIK marking themselves out as the smoothest club around, and you can't help but wish that your club could even come close to pulling something like this off. There's no chance by the way, just in case you were wondering.

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