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PUMA Launch African Nations 20/21 Shirts

Gearing up for competitions to come, PUMA has launched the 20/21 home and away kits for its five African Nation teams, providing fresh designs for Egypt, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Morocco and Senegal.

The Africa Cup of Nations may well have been postponed til January 2022 due to a pesky pandemic, but Cameroon are still set to host the African Nations Championship (with only Morocco being the only team to have qualified to play from PUMA’s roster) in January 2021, which is scarily not all that far off. To prepare its teams for future competitions, PUMA has unveiled new home and away shirts for all five of its African teams, and there’s some eye-catching designs going on.

africa 7-min.jpg
africa 12-min.jpg


First up, Egypt receive a bespoke design with a sublimated graphic that is carried across both the home and away shirts. The home comes in base red with black trim, while the away features a white base with red accents on the sleeve cuffs.

africa 5-min.jpg
africa 10-min.jpg

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast’s home shirt comes in the classic orange and green combo, with a faded stripe execution lending the design depth. That design is again carried across onto the away shirt, which  comes in a monochrome look that shows off the swirling pattern within the stripes more.

africa 6-min.jpg
africa 11-min.jpg


Ghana get a busy old design, and it’s likely to be one that divides opinion. The home shirt arrives in a predominantly monochrome look, with only a hint of colour popping through the collar, branding, and club crest. The same mix of horizontal and vertical stripes is carried across onto the away shirt, although here it’s presented in a yellow and black look, with hints of red and green popping throughout, linking to the Nation’s crest.

africa 4-min.jpg
africa 9-min.jpg


Morocco get two clean affairs, home in base red and away in white, with both adorned with a unique graphic in red running across the shoulders. The home shirt boasts a green collar and white branding, while the away features a red collar and green branding.

africa 3-min.jpg
africa 8-min.jpg


And finally there’s Senegal, who are blessed with a strong sublimated design that’s carried across both shirts. For the home, it’s a faded execution, with hints of colour present through the body, although due to the nature of the fade, it comes across as mostly white. It’s then bordered by green on the sleeve cuffs, and that hints at the away shirt, which is a bold two-tone look, with darker green through the body topped off by a lighter lime green across the shoulders.

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