Despite the fact that Tokyo 2020 is now Tokyo 2021, London-based fashion label Labrum has unveiled the results of its collaboration with the National Sports Authority Sierra Leone [NSASL], and it’s a tres chic creation of wavy aesthetics that you wouldn’t normally associate with the Olympic Games – and that’s why we love it.

London-based label Labrum, headed up by Foday Dumbuya, who originally hails from the West African nation, have teamed up with the NSASL to form some of the most original kit designs around, furthering the brand's mission to present a West African narrative through fashion. In two striking prints in the national colours – one an interlocking tapestry of the letters ‘L’ (for Labrum) and ‘S ‘(for Sierra Leone), the other a series of 16 concentric zigzags – the kit is a heartfelt ode to community and the potential that sport has to bring a nation together. Sentiments born from a visit back home by Dumbaya after a 20 year absence. 

The trip was made in collaboration with Converse, and it found Dumbaya journeying back to his birthplace of Freetown, Sierra Leone, for the accompanying campaign, which was styled by i-D’s senior fashion editor-at-large, Ib Kamara and photographer Rafael Pavarotti. Speaking of the kit, Dumbaya said: “It’s inspired by the 16 different tribes of Sierra Leone. One thing I've realised about Sierra Leone is its tribalism. People often don't support people who aren't part of their tribe.” For Dumbaya then, the kit is a statement of unity, a call to all Sierra Leoneans to neglect tribal allegiance and instead unite as one nation. “It doesn't matter if you're from Freetown or from other provinces, all of us are represented as one unit.

Ignoring the fact that the Olympics have been delayed until next year, Labrum and NSASL have decided to release the kits to the public now. And why not? Certainly shouldn’t be hiding something that looks this good. Whether or not Sierra Leone win many medals next year, they’ll certainly win the best dressed award.

labrum 7-min.jpg
labrum 4-min.jpg
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Labrum x Sierra Leone Olympic is available to purchase on from 25 June.