Dropping with eye catching designs and a healthy respect for the environment, adidas once again partner up with Parley for the Oceans for a pre-match refresh for Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus.

Even without the environmental factor, the three pre-match jerseys do a lot of talking for themselves with some striking ripple effect graphics that are sure to stand out as each respective team wears them to warm up in during the winter months. But the fact that they are all made from yarn spun from plastic that’s reclaimed before it even reaches our oceans really gives it an extra level of appeal.

Pre match refresh 5050 3-min.jpg
Pre match refresh 5050 4-min.jpg
Pre match refresh 5050 1-min.jpg
Pre match refresh 5050 2-min.jpg

All three jerseys feature a lightweight construction and Climalite technology to keep you cool and dry. This drop doesn’t just stop at pre-match either, with some warmer wear colour updates also landing for each clubs' training apparel. They’re all wind resistant, feature Climalite and boast thumbholes for full coverage. Smart.

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