Providing three options for the season ahead, Hummel begins its partnership with Sporting Clube de Braga with the launch of the 2019/20 home, away and third shirts for the Portuguese Primera Liga outfit. Safe to say that two of these kits will probably go down very well, mixing the classic traditions and aesthetics of the club. And then there’s the third shirt…

New partnerships offer new and exciting options for clubs and brands a like. Sure, there's the constraints of a team's primary colours, but a new brand can always offer a fresh perspective on that. Then there's a bit more freedom in the away shirt, with designers able to flex their creativity a bit more with some different colours and shapes. But sometimes, a brand wants to show off the extent of their creativity, and the third shirt is often where this happens.

Braga’s new home strip from Hummel boasts the club’s trademark look of a red body with white sleeves. The Hummel Chevrons running down the shoulders add a nice dimension to the shirt, as do the bold stripes that run down the body, fading in their descent. OK, so a lot to like there, off to a strong start.

Braga 3-min.jpg
Braga 4-min.jpg

Next up, the away kit features a clean look that inverts the colours of the home kit, going for a predominantly white look that’s accented by pops of red. The style of the shirt is elevated by an embedded print on the body that highlights the effectiveness of the simplicity of this second option for the Minho Warriors. No complaints with that, tidy effort.

Braga 5-min.jpg
Braga 6-min.jpg

Then there’s the third shirt. Braga’s participation in Europe denotes that they have a third option, and Hummel have certainly gone to town with the freedom afforded to them by this playful arena. Inspired by the armour of Roman warriors, it’s… interesting. Yep, we’ll leave it at that...

Braga 7-min.jpg

The SC Braga 2019/20 home, away and third shirts from Hummel will be available from Monday.