Drawing inspiration from Celtic’s 2002/03 campaign, which saw the Bhoys secure many solid memories as part of their Champions League Group Stage performances, the 2019/20 away kit by New Balance has been unveiled in a popping 'lemon chrome'.

Looking to provide both players and fans with a piece of performance wear that features lifestyle hues, the Celtic 2019/20 away shirt has been designed as something for the faithful to travel well in. Something loud for those away days or midweek games under the lights, it's an additional piece to the wardrobe that is pure football. Maybe one for the summer season just as much as it is the on pitch occasion, it's dripping in poolside flavour and drops just as the words "summer tour" start to emerge...

CELTIC AWAY 1920 PORTRAIT_0001_27.06.19 14.00 BST.jpg

The body of the jersey is described as 'lemon chrome' while the shoulders are deep teal green and feature a modern geometric interpretation of the Club’s iconic four-leaf clover crest. A bonded chest seam gives the jersey comfort, while a mesh structure across the shoulders increases breathability and airflow. A ventilation zone integrated into the front body fabric helps to keep the players comfortable in all conditions.

Consider some ice-cool lemon flavour courtesy of New Balance and Celtic as you take this number to the beach this summer. That's an away day alright.

Pick up the Celtic 2019/20 away shirt from prodirectsoccer.com