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Parma And Sampdoria Swap Shirt Designs For Upcoming Fixture

Friendship in football is a funny thing that we can’t quite wrap our heads around on these shores. But over on the continent clubs often share close bonds, and one example of this comes from Parma and Sampdoria, who are set to show their affinity for one another by swapping shirt designs in their upcoming Serie A fixture.

For the first time in Italian football history two sides will ‘swap’ shirts in a sign of solidarity. Parma Calcio 1913 and U.C. Sampdoria have shared a special relationship since the 1990/91 season, when Parma enjoyed their first season in Serie A and Sampdoria went on to win the title. The relationship between both clubs has gone from strength to strength in the intervening years, culminating in this initiative, titled ‘BluCrociati – Not just colours’.

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The swap will see two of the most iconic Italian kits of all time mixing their symbols while maintaining their identity through the use of their own historical colours, combining and embracing the respect between the two sets of supporters. Parma will wear a Gialloblù version of the Sampdoria kit while the Blucerchiati will wear a special version of their kit featuring the Crociati’s cross.The shirts, dubbed as #BluCrociati by both sides, will be worn when the teams meet at the Stadio Tardini on 5 May.

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Following the match, the game jerseys used by the players will be auctioned, with the proceeds from the sale of the Parma shirts being donated to the ‘Gaslini’ Institute in Genoa, while the proceeds from the Sampdoria sales will be donated to the Parma Children's Hospital.

While it’s the first time two Italian sides have swapped their shirt designs in a sign of friendship, it’s not the first time in Europe, with German sides Schalke and Nuremberg doing a similar thing in April. But while that move was made easier by the fact that both teams’ kits are supplied by Umbro, for the Parma/Sampdoria swap it was not as straight forward. Credit therefore has to be given to both Joma and Errea for coming together to facilitate the special move, designing and creating unique products in less than a month.

The shirts are available on Sampdoria and Parma's online stores, but as Limited Editions they probably won't hang round long. 

Daniel Jones

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