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Schalke and Nürnberg Swap Shirts With The Help Of Umbro

FC Schalke 04 and 1. FC Nürnberg share a special relationship. So special, in fact, that for their upcoming Bundesliga clash, they’re swapping shirts… Literally. Umbro, kit supplier to both teams, are supplying special edition one-off shirts, switching the teams’ templates for the occasion.

So the reason for the close friendship between the two clubs isn’t totally clear… they just seem to really like each other. Seems like it started back in 1980 when a guy and a girl met on a train… Anyway, the jerseys represent the close and intense fan friendship between the two clubs, and the fact that Umbro have supplied both club kits since the start of the 2018/2019 season made the move possible.

Schalke 6-min.jpg
Schalke 7-min.jpg

For the swap, the Schalke away jersey is now printed with the Frankish rake in a light grey stripe pattern, adopting the Nürnberg away kit look, but with blue trim instead of red on all the Schalke detailing. Nürnberg, in turn, will wear Schalke’s famed mallet and iron motif home kit, just in their wine-red colouring and with their own club logos and sponsor. 

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It’s a radical move, and a brave way to display the friendship forged between the two clubs. Alexander Jobst, Schalke’s board member for Marketing and Communications, said: “With the special jersey, we our paying tribute to the fan friendship between our club and 1. FC Nürnberg in a unique way. With our joint jersey partner Umbro, we have designed two extraordinary jerseys, which – because they are limited – already have a real collector’s value for many Schalke and Nürnberg fans.

Yeah, this ain’t ever happening in England…

Daniel Jones

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