New Balance and Athletic Bilbao have launched the club’s new 2019/20 home and away shirts under the campaign header ‘Upon this Ground’, which celebrates the Club’s unique heritage and Basque roots.

Getting it over and done with in one efficient sweep, New Balance have launched both the Athletic Bilbao home and away shirts. The home shirt is a clean and classic take on Los Leones’ iconic racing red and white vertical stripes, swapping the order of the stripes from last season and introducing some more black detailing. Just to keep things fresh, y’know…

Bilbao 2-min.jpg

But most of the story here surrounds the away shirt, which is a celebration of the Basque flag, in recognition of the Club’s special commitment to recruiting and fielding players exclusively from the Basque region. The jersey is eden green with racing red and gold and has the Basque flag framed on the nape of the back of the neck. A bespoke graphic, inspired by the Basque flag is then proudly displayed on the front of the jersey for a tidy finish.

The New Balance Athletic Bilbao 2019/20 home and away shirts will be released on 30 May and are available for pre-order now.