The start of a new National Women’s Soccer League season brings with it a level of excitement that’s ramped up all the more because this is a Women’s World Cup year. And Chicago Red Stars will be dressed and ready for the occasion, as they launch their superb 2019 primary kit from Nike.

Encapsulating the DNA of the city itself, the Chicago Red Stars 2019 primary kit features key elements that intrinsically link it to the city itself, lending it a truly unique look and identity. The jersey contains the entire Chicago Transit Authority ‘L’ train map. Named the ‘L’ for the elevation of the tracks in Chicago, the jersey was named the “Elevated” jersey in honour of the train system in the city, which also features prominently in the release video for the kit. The pattern then continues on the lower back of the jersey as the city’s famous skyline is put on display.

Chicago 4-min.jpg
Chicago 5-min.jpg

The look was designed in-house by Red Stars’ graphic designer Anthony Guagliardo, who said: “I wanted to put my own spin to it and make it unique. I thought to incorporate the ‘L’ train pattern would be something unique to the city and stand out on a jersey. No one has really done something like that before so I spent hours trying to customize this pattern to exactly the look we have now. I hope not just Red Stars fans, but Chicago fans will love this and represent their city and their team.

Chicago 1-min.jpg
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The Red Stars, who play in the National Women’s Soccer League, unveiled the jerseys for season ticket holders and media at an event on Sunday evening. “This jersey is absolutely a pivotal moment in Red Stars history,” Owner Arnim Whisler said. “In a year with the Women’s World Cup and the players representing their countries, this breaks it down even more as a representation of Chicago. We were able to fully customise this year’s jersey top with the two crucial pieces of Chicago – the skyline and train system. Our team has always been known to have the top jerseys in the league and I think this year we continue to lead the way again. This jersey is more than just a jersey. It truly is a piece of Chicago and art and I am excited for the Chicago locals to finally see it.

Oh, and in case you were thinking of ordering one...

Yup, sold out within the first day. But you can still pre-order it here and they'll ship it when they get more stock.