As the fresh MLS season draws in close, the first emergence of kits that teams will be donning has started to trickle through. First up in adidas cuts are that of Chicago Fire.

An opportunity to perhaps shine creatively, the release of this kit may well be a little tame but we can't knock them for that - It's early days and they are inviting fans to get involved in their official launch, tomorrow (Weds 27th). Find out more on that here. It's a simple and classic style shirt and gives a glimpse into the types of cuts we may well see from other adidas supplied clubs. The three stripes run proudly down the flank of each shirt while the Chicago Fire colours lend themselves well to this contemporary number. It's tidy, especially in long sleeve.

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The trim of blue and white that line both the collar and the cuffs are of the highest order. Super sharp. Meanwhile, look closely and you'll see plenty of attention to detail - from the breathable tech that is woven throughout the shirt to the embossed City of Chicago municipal flag. There's a few stars thrown in for good measure too and this utter dream boat kit, inspired by the club's formative years in the MLS, is one to be proud of.