Primed and prepared for its inaugural season, Forward Madison have launched its home and away kits from Hummel for the 2019 season. They honour the Isthmus that runs through the heart of the city, while both jerseys use the colours of the Madison city flag as inspiration

The idea behind Forward Madison’s new kits is that they are inspired by the city’s Isthmus. This is represented on the home jersey by the white sash that runs across the blue core body. Its sleeves feature a flamingo wing pattern, and its side contains a sublimated flamingo design. It also features pink highlights including hummel’s signature chevrons, signifying forward movement, while the words “Forward For Madison” are printed inside the collar.

forward madison portrait_0011_IMG_5392.jpg
forward madison portrait_0013_IMG_5369.jpg

The away jersey is white, with a sash outlined in pink. Its primary feature is the pattern of pink flamingos that spreads across the kit. The words “Loud. Vibrant. Unwavering” are printed inside the collar in reference to the motto of The Flock, FMFC’s independent supporters’ association. In contrast to the bright looks of the home and away jerseys, the keeper's kit is black with gold accents.

Forward Madison Kits_0011_IMG_5231.jpg
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Pick up the Hummel Forward Madison FC 2019 home and away jerseys here.