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Corinthians Honour Legendary F1 Driver Ayrton Senna With 18/19 Third Kit

Brazilian club Corinthians have rolled out their special edition 2018/19 Nike third shirt that pays tribute to legendary Formula 1 driver and Corinthians fan, Ayrton Senna, who died in a racing accident back in 1994.

The jersey comes 30 years after Senna won his first trophy in October 1988, an event that is still cherished by Brazilians today. Throughout his career in the sport, Senna was never content with anything less than the highest place on the podium – a mindset shared by the football club he loved. Now, a beautifully styled shirt marks his legacy on Brazilian sport.


The 2018/19 Nike third shirt will will be worn for the first time in Corinthians' Série A game against Flamengo on Friday night. The design includes a number of nods to Senna including his signature across the front of the chest, where traditionally the sponsor would stand, and 41 golden lines in tow blocks to represent the number of victories he achieved as one of the world's greatest Formula 1 drivers.


The black and gold colour scheme is reminiscent of the colours found on Senna's Lotus racing car that he competed in at the beginning of his career, as well as typography of numbers and letters used on his racing uniform. Inside the collar, on the back of the shirt, are the words "SENNA SEMPRE" to symbolise the three-time world champions eternal legacy.

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