Nike roll out a new look for one of the fastest growing football nations in the world. The China 2018 home shirt arrives with colours that represent prosperity and blessings, and with high aspirations to mix with football's elite.

While the domestic game rises in China, the international scene will only continue to benefit from that, and the Chinese football fans are eager to explore the next chapter. The 2018 Nike home shirt kicks things off with a red chest and yellow statement sleeves.


The chest features the iconic federation crest boasting five stars from the national flag, along with a Chinese dragon and phoenix serpentine. A modern collar connects around the neck to a knit tape at the back where a unique inner pride element displays a dragon — embodying royalty and power — and echoing the spirit of the crest. The women’s jersey features a phoenix in place of the dragon as the inner pride piece.

The typeface for the numbers and names uses China’s custom Dragon King font, inspired by classic Chinese characters and embellished by a gloss-fill Dragon scale pattern. Nice, init?


The China 2018 Home collection will be available from May 10 on