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Bournemouth 2017/18 Away by Umbro

With a neon glow and etched detail, Umbro and Bournemouth have released the 17/18 away kit for the South Coast side.

A sensational head turner, this kit is full beam all over. One that will be worn as Bournemouth hit the road as they prepare for the 17/18 Premier League season, it's a confident number that has plenty to play for while Umbro have gone the distance when it comes to adding some finer touches to the kit, notably the shirt. 

One key tactile finish that compliments the zest of blue is that of the tonal pattern that smothers the shirt. The pattern in questions sees geometric shapes, inspired by the club crest, cover the shirt from front to back and comes straight out of the nineties treasure chest of tailored gold. Add to that the sharp cuffs on the sleeves and the subtle stripes across the shoulders and we have ourselves a kit that pays due care and attention while offering a product that will stand proudly on Premier League pitches as collectively the top flight looks to go again.

Bournemouth 2017/18 Away Kit by Umbro

On sale now and detailed in double diamond, Bournemouth will hit the road for their first game of the new season as they face West Brom on 12th August. They'll most definitely be dressed for the occasion.


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