Like a t-shirt cannon firing a solid dose of confetti, the good people at Romai have reminded us that we're very much in party season having launched their first offering of kits for the Senegal National Team.

This launch adds another nation of zest to Romai's growing stable of teams. Having notably worked with the Jamaican National Team, the brand have carried on where they left off in bringing more life, more soul and more play to a threaded side of the game that can often get lost in technical detail. Yes, those engineered and performance driven drops that we see from other brands may well help shave those margins closer to perfection but if you want a shirt to be aesthetically proud of then Romai have swept through to the pitch with a bespoke mindset.

Some description

The home kit is where the traditional tombola is thrown out the window and the festivities hit full swing. A strong green that has sublimated detail running across the chest, this personifies the character of a nation while remaining clinically strong in the overall appearance. Subtle pops of colour thanks to the badge and cuffs give this a unique finish. The away shirt is where the confetti drops and settles with a second instalment. A camo-like print roars while the white base provides a clean base from which this team can dance as they travel on the road.

Zimbabwe away, yes please. You can see more about the kits here.