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FC Barcelona 15/16 3rd kit by Nike

An evolution on the club's distinct colours FC Barcelona and Nike have unveiled a third shirt that impacts the senses with it's striking blue tone.

Instantly identifiable thanks to that badge of great might, the 15/16 third shirt has been unveiled ahead of the feast of European triumph that is the Champions League. An 'electric' shade of blue, this kit aims to represent that enormous heritage that surrounds Barcelona while paying tribute to their renowned forward-thinking, innovative football.

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The trim of the shirt and shorts are a black ombré graphic, as well as introduced to enhanced the aesthetic it serves impose and accentuate the players’ physical presence underneath the floodlights. Complimenting the kits all round dominant effect on the eyes, black socks tie it together. Always fans of the finer detail, the crafted collar plays host to the club motto “Més Que Un Club” (“More Than A Club”).

Known as the 'Night Rising' kit, it will debut on pitch tomorrow night as the club face AS Roma on September 16 and will be available here from 1st October.


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