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Vancouver Whitecaps 2016 Home Kit

'From Sky to Sea We Prosper' is the mantra in which Vancouver Whitecaps have launched their 2016 home kit. A tidy shirt of multi-layered features, it's a right treat.

Bringing a lifestyle-meets-performance cut from adidas, the 2016 Vancouver Whitecaps home kit is the next to land on the MLS doorstep. Perhaps 'stoop' is a little more apt. Either way, this round necked and buttoned collar is one of retro class, but with its vibrant colour tones, it's a vocal performance on the eyes.

Some description

Inspired by the beautifully diverse landscape that surrounds Vancouver, the shirt is an apt tribute to the way the local land lies. Tasteful too, there's a number of lock-up motifs that bring this home for its owner. The colour gradient blending from 'sky to sea', through to the sharp '1974' works as a postage stamp of history. Right on point with a cut that'll go down well on both pitch and at the pub, the video up top goes behind the scenes of the official photoshoot.

A little footnote of thought too, the video signs off with a $39/per month for a membership message. A refreshing way to look at the way season tickets are sold. Nicely done Whitecaps.


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