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Nike Reveal France World Cup Home Kit

France launch World Cup shirt after dramatic play-off success

After an incredible comeback against Ukraine and with the help of a dodgy linesman France qualified for the 2014 World Cup via the play-offs last night. Just hours after securing their flights to Brazil Nike and the FFF revealed the new home shirt capturing the innate style and national pride of France with a sophisticated look.

A typically stylish design for the 1998 World Champions, the kit is inspired by the story of Nîmes, a town in the south of France. Nîmes was the birthplace of modern denim, and the fabric takes its name from the town (literally ‘de Nîmes’). The design team spent time refining the home kit’s collar focusing on comfort and beauty. The collar and side-hem also feature a selvedge-like accent.

The crest features a new design inspired by the 1958 crest and reflects players’ feedback of wanting to “feel the history of our country”. The cockerel-design has been enlarged, freed from its badge and given the space to again become the ultimate symbol of French national pride. It's also beautifully embroidered just above the heart and on the bottom of each player’s number, and a flag is placed on the inside of the neck on each kit.

The French elegance is placed on top of a shirt packed with technology created to help players feel comfortable and perform at their best in Brazil. Simple and iconic, the fit is slimmer and more tailored to the body based on fit research with a cut specifically designed to aid movement and comfort. The shorts are classic white and the socks are red to create a tri-colour combination that reflects the French flag.

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