World’s Best Selling Club Football Shirts

As fans delve into their pockets to buy their team's latest replica shirt, we find out that Manchester United have topped the table for selling the most club football shirts throughout the world, raking in over 1 million sales!

Manchester United football shirts and Liverpool football shirts sell more official replica, for Nike and adidas respectively, than any other teams in the English Premier League. Both are at or close to the top of the global merchandise sales tables according to multi-year research by a leading German consultancy, released to sportingintelligence for the first time.

These exclusive statistics, breaking down the figures for both Nike and adidas, are not just an insight into the fan bases for these clubs, but also re-open the debate over the commercial exploitation of fans. New football shirts seem to be a hot topic at the moment, with almost every club and national team releasing new football shirts every year at the expense of their loyal fans.

We remember a time when clubs were supposed to only release a new shirt every two seasons, but when you see these figures it makes you question whether as fans we are being exploited. If that is the case, then we're not just necessarily looking at the best supported clubs' in the world, but also the biggest culprits of exploitation. Let us know your thoughts...