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adidas Recreate The Iconic Jose+10 Image

To tackle the insight that 43 percent of girls quit sport at 13, adidas has brought together stars from the women’s and men’s games – past and present – to recreate the iconic 2006 Jose+10 campaign image, built to showcase the powerful potential for girls staying in the world’s favourite sport.

Knowing that just under half of all girls who play sport quit at age 13 is an incredibly sad statistic, and adidas are taking steps to address this with their latest campaign, which aims to encourage these girls to stay in football. To do this the brand has recreated the iconic Jose+10 image – originally created in 2006 to celebrate the amazing talent on show that summer – with today’s heroes and role models such as Alessia Russo, Kadidiatou Diani, Linda Dallmann, Jude Bellingham and Lionel Messi, alongside legends of game like David Beckham, Kaká, and Zinedine Zidane.

Changing up the stance, the lead image is this time fronted by a young girl, subbing young Jose out to inspire the next generation of females to stay in the game by highlighting the powerful role models, fans of the sport, and icons of today that exist for them across football.  

While at club level, adidas partners Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Manchester United, Olympique Lyonnais and Real Madrid have created their own inspirational visuals to capture the imagination of young fans from each team. Featuring the same young girl alongside members of their respective men’s and women’s first teams, highlighting that football is a game for all.  

Further building on the ambition of the campaign, adidas is publishing a series of inspirational messages from leading women’s players, starting with Olympique Lyonnais defender Wendie Renard. The powerful words are written directly to her 13-year-old self – outlining what she can achieve if she keeps believing in herself.

The message aims to inspire girls around the globe, by showing them what they can achieve in sport and proving that anything is possible if they stay in the game. Additional words from Linda Caicedo (Real Madrid) and Lisa Boattin (Juventus) are set to be unveiled on the player’s social channels, with Wendie’s letter appearing on Tuesday 23 April, Linda’s on Thursday 25 April and Lisa’s on Sunday 28 April.

Wendie Renard, France and Olympique Lyonnais defender said: “I remember the age of 13 very clearly – there is a lot going on in a young girl’s life at that age, so it can be very easy for sport to drop off the priority list. But sport is such a brilliant thing – it teaches us so much, builds confidence and delivers life lessons and values that we keep with us, forever. Writing a note to my 13-year-old self, brought all those feelings back to me.

So, my message to youngsters would be to continue having fun, to persevere and even in times of difficulty or doubt – don’t give up. Above all, never stop believing in yourself and your abilities. You won’t believe what you can achieve if you do.

Check out the original adidas Jose+10 ad below.

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