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Fans Welcome AIK Back In Club Tradition For First Pre-Season Session

Already known as one of the most stylish teams in World football, AIK have returned to preseason training ahead of the 2023 Allsvenskan season, and they’ve done so with fans welcoming them back in some flare-fuelled scenes, as has become a club tradition over the years.

Fans welcoming both the AIK men’s and women’s teams back for the first preseason session of the upcoming campaign has become something of a tradition for the club in recent years, so much so that it even has a name: “Allmänna premiär-träningen”, which translates to “the first practice for all”. Makes sense given that AIK stands for Allmänna IdrottsKlubben, which itself means “The sports club for all”. So a tidy play on words coupled with some absolute scenes from the club’s training ground.

3500 fans welcomed both the men’s and women’s squads back from their off season, with the club having to shut the gates to a load more that wanted in. The event saw flares being set off in tandem with a cacophony of noise for what was an open training session, with players easing themselves back into action. And if that welcome was not enough to get the players up for the coming season then nothing nothing will be.

As is always the case, big things will be expected of AIK and their kit releases, and the appearance of the players at the training ground will once again whet the appetite for an upcoming drop. 

aik 24-min.jpg
aik 19-min.jpg
aik 22-min.jpg
aik 23-min.jpg
aik 18-min.jpg
aik 20-min.jpg
aik 12-min.jpg
aik 11-min.jpg
aik 16-min.jpg
aik 13-min.jpg
aik 15-min.jpg
aik 14-min.jpg
aik 17-min.jpg
aik 10-min.jpg

Photography by Zacharias Sirhed Torstensson.

Watch this space for any upcoming releases from AIK as we near the start of the Allsvenskan.

Daniel Jones

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