Gucci and GQ Sports have come together for a new series called ‘A Hero’s Journey’, and the first protagonist is Liverpool’s Egyptian King, Mo Salah.

Mo Salah is just one of those likeable guys in football, with an infectious smile and bags of ability. He already has a working relationship with GQ, having appeared as their cover star back in February of this year. Now, he’s back on board a GQ-helmed project, only Gucci are also getting in on the act for what is a new series titled ‘A Hero’s Journey’, which is set to explore the life of modern sporting icons.

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It’s a brief glimpse into the life of Mo Salah, and it’s one that touches on topics such as what he thinks of as “home”, the challenges of adapting to different cultures, and what’s important to him. Decked out in an adidas x Gucci suit, the Egyptian portrays his usual laid back and humble demeanour in front of flashing cameras and curious reporters.

“I just try to be happy all the time and always trying to shift my awareness in my mind, so that you can be happy and grateful for everything you have,” Salah says. “I just feel blessed to be where I am and just try to enjoy it.”

Each episode of ‘A Hero’s Journey’ will see a global talent share their personal experiences of their private and public lives, and the lengths they’ve gone to succeed.

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Pictures from Gucci & GQ.