He may well be the Egyptian king, but it appears Mo Salah does not need to part water as he can just run across it, as seen in the latest ad from adidas for the X 19.1, which the Liverpool striker posted on his Instagram account.

We all know Mo Salah is fast, and when that speed is combined with the X football boot, adidas’s speed silo, you can safely assume the results would be rapid. But running on water? Well that’s what he accomplishes in the latest ad from the Three Stripes as he runs across a lake to retrieve a ball HE kicked in there in the first place. Come on Mo, we all know you’ve got better aim than that.

While his speed is not in question, his camera work leaves something to be desired, with the self placed device falling over and missing the Egyptian’s return. Guess you can’t have it all.

For his unbelievable feat (feet?) Salah laces up in the X 19.1 from the ‘Hard Wired’ pack, and he’ll be wearing them again this Saturday as Liverpool face Arsenal in the Premier League.

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