Following a period of absence, Stormzy has blasted back on the scene with a brand new single called “Mel Made Me Do It”. The seven minute onslaught of straight lyrics features plenty of trademark football references, but none hit as hard as the appearance of one Jose Mourinho.

Arriving as his first solo track in over three years, Stormzy certainly knows how to call in a favour or two, and as well as his lyrics calling out many ballers, from Aubameyang to Mbappé, the video is also littered with cameos, from Usain Bolt to Jonathan Ross, but none stand out as well as Jose Mourinho. Halfway through the 10 minute video, Stormzy drops the line "I prefer not to speak like I'm Jose", and follows it by actual audio from a real Jose Mourinho press conference: "I prefer really not to speak, if I speak, I am in trouble”.

That iconic Mourinho quote was originally made at the end of a defeat back when the Portuguese was in charge of Chelsea in 2014, and it fits seamlessly into the track. 

Of course, Mourinho used to manage Manchester United, and Stormy is a huge United fan. Having said that, the link up was likely facilitated in part by adidas, with both the Grime artist and football manager falling under the Three Stripe banner.

Following his part in the video, Mourinho posted on his Instagram account, saying: “Was great fun doing this cameo for Stormzy’s new music video out today. I had a great time.

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mourinho 2-min.jpg

Check out the full video for "Mel Made Me Do It" below:

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