Taking the burgeoning relationship between football and fashion to the next level, New Balance, AS Roma, FC Porto, LOSC Lille and Athletic Club have teamed up with Carlota Barrera at London Fashion Week.

Known for her contemporary yet timeless aesthetic, Carlota Barrera presents the brand’s new football-infused Spring Summer 2022 collection, which arrives in partnership with New Balance and several of the brand’s affiliated teams. Those clubs’ 21/22 kits are featured in the digital show, alongside other 70s-esque football silhouettes and shapes.

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Barrera acknowledges that today, football is no longer just a sport; it is now art, fashion and design, all encompassed in a lifestyle that manages to reach a new consumer and, above all, to be closer to new and upcoming generations. With this collection she continues to strengthen the brand's message, deeply focused on challenging stereotypes and working on exploring gender identities in constant evolution. The collection pushes to get rid of rigid codes and claims team play, celebrating the creation of communities based on trust and inclusion in all senses. 

Carlota Barrera and New Balance Football are the perfect combination of fashion and functionality. Classic approach to new techniques, technology and an innovative vision of the traditional. Both reinterpret the past to make it relevant and contemporary in the present and the future. Both brands merge style, well-being, inclusivity and social awareness.  

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Carlota Barrera, Creative Director said of the partnership: As a brand with a very personal perspective, we share our approach (not just formal, but also emotional) to modern sportswear and our vision for how sports can create and nurture communities. We have worked together with New Balance to present a new vision of football, aligned with the contemporary values and the changing realities of today. We believe that all industries are moving towards a brighter and more inclusive future, and we want to not only be part of the change, but also accelerate it.” 

Nicola Jones, Senior Marketing Manager, Global Football, echoed these sentiments. “New Balance is always looking to innovate, create the unexpected and excite fans with our bespoke designs. Working closely with Carlota Barrera from the outset, we had a shared vision of extending the matchday story of a fan through a cultural perspective outside of football. The blend between the unique identities of our clubs and lifestyle shows through in every detail of the collection.

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