With his current deal with Nike set to expire, Marcus Rashford has become the hottest property in town, with PUMA leading the other big brands as they circle for a potential multi-million pound marquee signing.

Rashford’s raised profile, which has come not just from his impressive performances on the pitch, but also from his campaign against child hunger over the last year, has catapulted the young striker into the stratosphere, making him one of the most recognisable public figures in the country. With his deal with Nike reportedly set to expire in the near future it’s no surprise to hear that other brands are keen on securing the United striker.

rashford 2-min.jpg
rashford 2-min.jpg

PUMA are just one of companies to have already registered a concrete interest in Rashford, but with his profile and age making him a marketing dream, you can expect to see all the big brands being interested. PUMA are on a huge drive at present though, and they already have an ‘in’ of sorts, through their connection with Roc Nation Sports, the agency Rashford signed with last year.

The German brand have been making some huge moves in the game of late, not least with the capture of Neymar last year, again from Nike. As well as that capture, they’ve also been linked with the out-of-contract Raheem Sterling, although that is a protracted move for which nothing has currently come to pass. It could be that due to that move stalling, they have instead turned their attention to Rashford, spurred on by the news that his current deal Nike is set to end in the near future.

Of course, the alternative is that Nike put another deal on the table and Rashford signs. Despite Nike shipping out a raft of players in recent months, Rashford is one you'd imagine they'd be keen to hold on to.

Watch this space to see how this one develops.