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Marcus Rashford Talks Style, Influences & PhantomVNM

Stadium shaker, chance taker, record breaker. Marcus Rashford is no longer up and coming; he’s not the next big thing; he’s arrived and he continues to make his mark on the game at the highest level, heading in the same direction as the likes of Rooney and Ronaldo, but taking his own path towards greatness.

The young United and England striker sat down to talk all about how important style is to him personally and to his game before going on to talk about where he draws his influences from. Rashford will be one of the key players to be slipping into Nike’s latest silo, the recently released PhantomVNM, and he gave his thoughts and opinions on being one of the ‘testers’ for the new boot.

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What you wear has to match who you are, and I try to do that on the pitch and off the pitch.
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Full of focus and clear in his trajectory, Marcus Rashford is now a constant on the footballing horizon for the foreseeable future. His style complements his easy going nature off the pitch and his raw determination on it. No longer classed a youngster despite his young age, he is truly established.

Watch the full video with Marcus Rashford on IGTV.

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