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Neymar Partners With Superdry For Organic Cotton Underwear Collection

Adding to his already long list of sponsorship deals, Neymar Jr. has joined the Superdry family in a three-year global deal that champions sustainability, and first up is a 100% organic underwear and sleepwear collection. Neymar in his undies… just what you wanted to see on a Thursday morning.

It’s no secret that Neymar would be willing to sell his soul for the right price. Back in 2018 the Brazilian was announced as the world’s most branded footballer, with endorsement deals for 35 different companies raking him in an additional £14 million that year on top of his PSG salary. But why not cash in, especially if there's a better cause at its root. And the latest company to add to his long list of partnerships is Superdry, with the deal set to amplify the fashion label’s message of sustainable style to a global audience. Superdry has pledged to become a 100% organic cotton brand by 2030 and is already supporting 400 farmers in India, in a transition to organic farming, as part of the brands Grow Future Thinking initiative.

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On joining the Superdry family Neymar Jr. quoted, Obviously, when we talk about clothes, whatever their type, the first thing we want is comfort. It’s not different with underwear and sleepwear. But when you add sustainability to both first conditions, Superdry is, unquestionably, the best one I’ve found. I’m very happy with the development and potential of this partnership.

Neymar Jr has unique style on and off the pitch,” says Superdry Creative Director, Phil Dickinson. “We love his approach to life and his creativity fits perfectly with our brand value of embodying the spirit of adventure. We already make amazing underwear and our aim is to make it even better. They are a super comfortable organic cotton fabric, using recycled poly waistbands which make them 100% sustainable and responsibly sourced. In addition to underwear, working with Neymar, we are expanding our collection to provide stylish organic cotton essentials within a sleepwear collection. All this means you can look stylish and be doing good things, even whilst you are lounging.

Daniel Jones

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