Strengthening their already solid connection, Jordan have recruited Neymar to front their latest campaign ad, which highlights the continuing fusion of basketball and football culture under the header “Impossible alone. Possible together.”

Despite being a footballer, Neymar is no stranger to Jordan, such is the growing link between football and basketball. The Brazilian plays for Paris Saint-Germain, who have famously enjoyed a revolutionary collaboration with Jordan over the last couple of years, while his connection with Jordan footwear is one that has been built upon from his formative years. More recently he joined in on the advertising campaign for Patta’s link up with Jordan. Not entirely sure if he was even invited on that one. And now he’s been recruited to be front and centre in Jordan’s latest ad.

neymar 1-min.jpg

In the ad, which focuses on the transition from the pitch to the court, Neymar speaks of the fusion of basketball culture and football, highlighting the importance of remembering those who played before him. Putting the spotlight on the fact that he dares to be different in a game that’s built on tradition, he compares himself to Michael Jordan and the impact that he had on basketball before highlighting the “Impossible alone. Possible together” messaging that's punctuated by the word "Unite".