Nike Senior Director of Global Communications Heidi Burgett recently confirmed that Nike will be “ditching the templates” for the 2020/21 season, before further elaborating on the fact that each team’s look “will be its own".

In 2016 Nike introduced the Vapor template across the majority of its teams, both on an international and domestic level, but despite the technological advantages of the shirts and their stunning cut they received backlash for their uniformal nature. But now, four years on, it seems as though Nike have learnt from this, with an admission from Senior Director of Global Communications Heidi Burgett confirming that the brand will not be using templates going forward. 

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The confirmation of Nike’s move away from templates came off the back of the reveal of the new Nigeria 2020 kits, when a Liverpool fan account questioned why the Super Eagles get such outstanding designs compared to the majority of routine offerings at club level. Burgett was quick to respond, confirming the Swoosh’s new approach to kit design for 2020, which included Nike designers having 65 chassis options available to them across varying necklines, sleeves, cuffs, badge placement, etc.

As a result, Liverpool fans have been spun into a hype fuelled frenzy regarding the club’s first-ever Nike kit. However, they should probably temper their expectations; whilst they will undoubtedly get their own unique shirt design, the fact that Nike didn’t have long to work on their first Reds kit means that we’d place money on the Swoosh playing it reasonably safe with their 2020/21 offering – although the option for potential third and fourth kits could well provide more to get excited about.

It's likely that Nike will begin this process with their leading international teams, but you can expect the trend to cover all 10 of Nike's elite club teams moving into the next couple of seasons. We wouldn't bank on every single Swoosh-affiliated club getting the hand drawn treatment, so if you're club isn't 'elite' then don't get your hopes up.

Stay tuned for more of Nike's bespoke federation shirts dropping in spring as the build up to EURO 2020 continues...