The Spanish Football Federation has announced plans to end its long standing partnership with adidas, inviting other brands to open negotiations for a potential deal. The reasons for the breakdown in the relationship, which began in 1991 and was set to run until 2026, are not entirely clear.

In a statement released on Monday, the Spanish Football Federation has said it’s ending its contract with adidas and has opened negotiations with other brands. The statement from the Spanish Football Federation read: “The contract with adidas was valid until 2026. The conditions that were agreed upon when it was signed years ago do not conform to the criteria of legality, transparency and equity that the RFEF considers minimally acceptable.” Make of that what you will.

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The statement went on to say that it is looking for a new partner “after months of unsuccessful negotiations with adidas.” It also said that the Spanish Football Federation will continue to fulfil its contract with the company until a new partner is found and the current deal is terminated.

After a slow start throughout the 90s, the partnership with adidas has seen Spain enjoy its most successful period ever, during which time they lifted the World Cup in 2010 and back-to-back European titles in 2008 and 2012, making them the first team in history to win three major titles in a row. The breakdown will come as a huge blow to adidas, but whether this ends up being more negotiating tactics from the Spanish Football Federation or if it genuinely signals the end of the 28-year partnership only time will tell. 

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Stay tuned for anymore news regarding Spain's kit supplier going forward as and when it happens.