Setting the tone and exploring the inspiration behind another tailored drop from the house of SPEZIAL, Gary Aspden sat down with END to deliver the details on a collection that celebrates the 30th anniversary of the second "Summer of Love".

For Spring/Summer 18, it's the Acid House movement of the 80s that lays the foundation for a factory filling instalment of pure inspired three striped style. Naturally, the collection is inspired from adidas archives though with rich culture running through, the SS18 Spezial collection sets out to reinterpret the sense of hedonistic freedom felt during Madchester’s 1988-89 ‘Summer of Love’ for a new era.

From the 80s and into the early 90s, the pulsing EDM and the explosion of party drugs ignited a newfound sense of euphoria across the British club scene. The rave movement was born and in doing so, it recalibrated the clubbing style codes to place comfort and functionality as the essential attributes of a seasoned raver’s uniform. Sitting down exclusively with END. to talk through the archive sneaker models which inspired his latest line of footwear for SPZL, Aspden covers everything from the relevance of adidas during this iconic youth subculture movement to his reproduction of now-obsolete manufacturing techniques in his quest for authenticity.

Those archive pieces range from reinventions of the Hulton, Indoor Kreft, Glenbuck, and Padiham silhouettes. Naturally it will be swept up in no time, you can grab your ticket for the chance to purchase through END here.