Continuing its quest to champion the women’s game around the globe, and indeed, female athletes of all ages and from all backgrounds, Nike have released an advert titled ‘Before That’ under the ‘Dream Crazy’ campaign.

Through the power of sports, Nike´s ‘Dream Crazier’ campaign is set to inspire the future generation of athletes to follow their dreams, despite how crazy those dreams may seem. Featuring Argentinian football athletes at all levels, ‘Before That’ is the latest ad that arrives under that banner, and it shows real cases of players who had to overcome all kind of barriers to achieve their goals.

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Estefania Banini, Ruth Bravo and Belen Potassa, star players on the National Team who are helping to shift the paradigm about women in football and defying the status quo, are featured in the campaign. Candelaria Cabrera, an 8-year-old girl from Chabás (near Santa Fe province) who plays at the local Club Huracán is also present. Although last year the local league's rules had prohibited her from playing football with the boys, Cande rewrote the rules, not only to be allowed to continue playing with her teammates until she is ten, but also to promote the creation of a league for girls within two years. 

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March was a historic month for Argentinian female footballers, with the Boca Juniors women’s team playing for the first time ever at La Bombonera, the most iconic stadium in Argentina, beating Lanus 5-0. One week later, the local Football Association announced the launch of the country’s first professional women's league. It all follows Nike's excellent work, inspiring, serving and giving access to young generations. It seems crazy until you do it, as they say.

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