To honour his achievements with the team along with the global recognition he brought to the club and MLS as a whole, LA Galaxy recently erected a statue of David Beckham outside their home ground. However, prior to its unveiling, James Corden took the opportunity to have a bit of fun with his mate, "Dave" Beckham…

Beckham made his way to LA to get a private unveiling of the statue ahead of the public unveiling outside the stadium. Unbeknownst to the former England captain, James Corden had arranged for a fake statue to be made with certain over-embellished attributes… Needless to say, Beckham was not best pleased when the statue was revealed, although he admirably maintained his composure whilst trying to describe his displeasure, much to the amusement of all who now get to watch.


After the fake was ‘accidently’ knocked over and smashed, Beckham was heard saying to the forklift driver “You’ve done me a favour there mate.” The real statue was obviously unveiled eventually following the reveal that the other statue was not the genuine effort, and it now takes pride of place outside the Dignity Health Sports Park.