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Messi & Salah Star In New Pepsi Ad

In a fantasy football dream pairing, Pepsi has teamed Lionel Messi and Mo Salah together on screen for its latest advert, titled “Last Can Standing”. The short video sees the pair at an isolated gas station, competing for the last can of… you know what, just watch it yeah?

Done? Good. OK, so the ad doesn’t quite live up to the scope of the old west shootout from 2003 between Beckham and Casillas, overseen by a host of their United and Real Madrid teammates along with a special cameo from Rivaldo. Or the 2004 epic in which Beckham, Ronaldinho, Raul, Totti, Roberto Carlos and a young Fernando Torres saved a medieval village from a bunch of thieving bad guys who were stealing all the villagers’ Pepsi. But the thought of Mo and Leo stopping off for some unleaded on the way back from a long weekend at Center Parcs is nice.

Pepsi 1-min.jpg

Salah has been a Pepsi brand ambassador since 2016 but his promotion to TV advert co-star alongside the icon that is Messi reflects his rise since joining Liverpool. It’s rare to see him doing anything away from the pitch, so could this be a sign of Mo stepping into the limelight a little more? Sharing the stage with Messi is certainly no bad thing. Not that you're bothered about that. You just wanted to see if the video was any good, and it's not really. So let's just all move on with our lives, alright?

Daniel Jones

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