Having released a debut EP ‘Cheer Up Charlie’ in October, Everyone You Know are a band bringing some raw buzz to the fore. Closing 2018 with big momentum, the next year promises to be a resounding one. Catching up with a double act who have football running through them, we get an insight into their game and take note of their match day playlists on the eve of the festive fixtures.

Harvey and Rhys support teams with somewhat contrasting legacy. Harvey explains, "I’m QPR through and through. My family all support QPR and they all grew up round the area so I didn’t really have much choice when it came to picking who I wanted to support. I've got some quality memories of watching QPR and am a proud supporter. I'm looking forward to QPR v Ipswich on Boxing Day we should turn them over easy, then Reading on the 29th December should be a decent game. We'll hopefully get 3 points out of them as well."

While Harvey is sporting hooped dreams, Rhys opts for a solid rouge. A Manchester United fan, his support hasn't wavered over time. "I'm a United fan, always have been. They always had something about them that no other English club had when I was younger. I don't think we have that anymore but I still love the club. I'm looking forward to Utd vs Liverpool on 16th December - Liverpool are flying at the moment and Utd are shoddy, but it's always a big game for both clubs."

Taking the time to put together a playlist comprising of their favourite tunes when football comes their way, there's something for everyone...


Stone Roses - Fools Gold 
Fifa 2004. Ain't really gotta say much more than that do I? If you’re a Fifa/football lover you will know why I picked this song. Whether you’re on your way to watch or play a game, this tune will get you in the mood! 

Kasabian - Club Foot 
Mate this is one of them tunes that would get you hyped up for going to see your great Nan. Gotta give this a blast before a game. 

Arctic Monkeys - Sun Goes Down
To be honest, I could of said any tune from this album. My dad used to pick me up every Saturday morning to take me to football (if we had an away game). I was obsessed with this album so we had it repeat for about 2 seasons straight! I've got a lot of wicked memories with this album, but them journeys to football with my old man are right up there.

Plan B - Stay Too Long
I'm lucky enough to have a group of pals that are all good ballers and we all played for the same team growing up. This tune came out when we were in year 10, when we had started going out to house parties and all that. Every time it got played at a party everyone would go mad. It got exactly the same reaction in the dressing room or if we were on our way to a game. And to be fair it still does.

Oasis - Champagne Supernova 
Although Oasis support the B team in Manchester I still love them. My step dads a huge united fan and brought me to my first united game against Arsenal for my 8th birthday. We had this album playing the whole way up! It's one of them anthems that will get you up for anything. It's tradition for me to play this before a game now.

There's a load more tunes I would of love to stick in like; Kano - Nobody don't dance no more (remix), The Specials - Message To Rudy, The Prodigy - Firestarter, Ludacris - Rollout. But these will have to do for now. 

everyone you know playlist 2.jpg


Coldplay - Fix You 
This tune used to get played before every game at Loftus Road. Used to go down there with my grandad, we had season tickets for about 4/5 years so reminds me of then. Wicked tune.

New Order - World In Motion
Reminds me of the World Cup so badly. Me and all the boys down The Fig Tree in Uxbridge for the semi-final against Croatia, the pub was heaving and everyone was singing the John Barnes verse.

The Jam - Town Called Malice
Best record before a game and if your team have won, it’s the best record after as well.

Adeva - Musical Freedom
Another one that reminds me of the World Cup. Proper summer tune!

The Clash - London’s Calling
Still gets played at Loftus Road and has done for ages. Gets me buzzing for every game. Quality.

Big year, solid moves. You can listen to the full playlist below or through Spotify here...