MC COCO is a musician who has had a big year. Looking to take that momentum into 2019, his May EP release 'No Rehearsal' has seen him work with all kinds of names. The latest artist to lend us his top tracks, it's a playlist to get the game going with grime all over.

Over the past few seasons, the grime scene has dominated the football world. It's a sub-culture of sound that has added its own level of swag to all things off the pitch. With this in mind the playlist from MC COCO comprises of his favourite tracks of 2019 that he thinks would get an atmosphere going in any pre-match environment. This ensemble of tracks brings the curtain down on 2018 with a big sound and adding some detail to the discs, he talks us through why each number is included in the playlist.

Skepta - Pure Water 
This track is the kinda of Skepta I really vibes too, the execution, the instrumental all give you a true representation of what Grime is and carries over into 2019.

Big Zuu - B.I.G
What catches me about this track is the melodic feel Zuu bought to the beat, he could've just shelled but decided to take a different approach and I think it worked, when you hear the hook you wanna sing it from the top of your lungs.

Novelist - No Weapons/See Me
N O V D D D! From when I first heard this track I was like yeah man! Novelist has an unorthodox style which cant be overlooked. The way he keeps it old school on a beat is sick. Clarity, message and execution on this one is serious, and without a doubt a head bop.

Jaykae - Moscow
If you’ve been paying attention to the urban world this year you know this track had to be on here. Again the approach to the beat with Jaykae’s flow and lyrics makes it almost impossible to not let it get stuck in your in your head. Representing Brum to the fullest with this one.

coco playlist_0000_Coco Press Shot 4.jpg

Smiley - Down
Sheffield native and good friend of mine. This one is pure grit. Straight to the point and gives you an essence of bravado and confidence. More music like this from Smiley will prove why he’s been ready for the whole game.

Maxsta - Outside
Taken from his latest installment ‘The Maxtape 2’, this track is one of many that proves why Maxsta is still a Grime vet. With the sublow and eskimo influence he definitely payed homage in the right way. The tone of voice and concept I’m a fan of aswell.

Capo Lee - Sekky
Capo is one of my favourite MC’s in the game. This collab with Shorty and Frisco as a whole is sick for Grime. Of course with the signature sound of Sir Spyro and Rude Kid it could only be a heater.

Coco - Rollout
Even though its my own track I feel it had to be on here. I feel this one will stand the test of time, the energy and sonic of the whole tune gives you a nostalgic memory which is important in my eyes.

Grime here for good. You can listen to the full playlist below or through Spotify here...