Back in September Neymar and Steph Curry both posted photos of them hanging out together in Paris on Instagram, and now the result of the meeting is revealed by The Players' Tribune, who brought together the global icons to talk fatherhood, idols, injuries, and what defines greatness.

Two of the greatest athletes in the world, hanging out at the oldest basketball court in the world. That was the setup, which took place at a Paris YMCA in last month. From talking about the funniest things their kids do, to which of their teammates is the ultimate joker in the changing rooms – it's a meeting of clear mutual appreciation.

Neymar has always been a huge fan of Curry since meeting him in the locker room when he was still a Barcelona player, and since then the two have followed on another's careers. PSG have played their part in bringing the world's of football and basketball closer together with their Jordan collaboration, and Neymar, who follows NBA, jumps at every chance he gets in the off-season to head Stateside and courtside.

Both players posted about the link up on Instagram last month, but only now has the purpose of their meeting been revealed by The Players' Tribune. PSG's Neymar and Golden State Warriors' Curry chat it out before attentions naturally turn to the game – Curry teaching Neymar a few basketball skills, and Neymar returning the lesson with some freestyling.


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