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Behind the Design: Neymar Jr. Mercurial ‘Speed Freak’

Nike have released a short video celebrating the design process and inspiration behind the new Neymar signature Mercurial Vapor XIII "Speed Freak" edition. Alex Pickett, Product Lead for Nike Global Football, goes behind the design to explain what features make up the latest exclusive aesthetic for the Brazilian striker. 

Neymar's first signature drop of the 2019/20 season is inspired by his love of motorsport, and that's where the theme of the design comes from. Scattered with personal references throughout, the boot takes on a unique look in comparison to the standard new-generation Mercurial design to ensure Neymar stands out, no matter where he kicks off his new campaign.

Alex explains; "We looked at how motorsport generates high energy on their cars. We took key elements of Neymar's life – whether that's his number for Brazil or the tattoos that he has on his body – and we combined the chequered racing flag with the Brazil flag to create this icon on the heel to represent his love of motorsport and his love of his country coming together."

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