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AC Milan Launch 2018/19 Kits at Special Event With Puma

Kicking off their relationship on a new level, PUMA have AC Milan took to one of Europe's most fashionably rich and couture cities to celebrate the release of the 2018/19 home and away kits. A strong look from the off, it's with a decent backdrop, heavy bass and good people that this link up was let out the traps.

With PUMA getting involved in with those solid stripes of AC Milan, it's put their brand back into the mindset of football cool. They've stripped the kits back and looked to cross cultures wherever they can and by taking a lifestyle approach, this launch turned gig sets the tempo as well as tone. Players, fans and a cultured crowd were on hand for this launch event which was backed by musicians too. Legends in the building from Baresi to Gattuso, it went off with style that started at the soles and ended at the shirt - this is a new look for Milan as they look to follow the contemporary PUMA mantra of "new levels".

milan puma_0036_F1000009.jpg
milan puma_0037_F1000007.jpg
milan puma_0033_F1000013.jpg
milan puma_0040_F1000002.jpg
milan puma_0017_F1010005.jpg
milan puma_0010_F1010021.jpg

Mixing lifestyle pieces with on pitch performance wear, it's in the subtlety that PUMA are looking to land their influence on an ever shifting game. Bringing together the right minds both contemporary and creative, it breeds a new culture into a club that lives and breathes a permanent state of cool. San Siro flair, it's befitting for a culture club.

milan puma_0006_F1010027.jpg
milan puma_0041_F1000001.jpg
milan puma_0019_F1010002.jpg
milan puma_0029_F1000019.jpg
milan puma_0022_F1000031.jpg
milan puma_0038_F1000005.jpg

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